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Nairobi can be hectic and stressful, especially if it’s your first time visiting Kenya. Right after leaving the airport, you’re immediately thrown into the traffic and the city’s general hustle and bustle. If you've been unlucky enough to arrive during rush hour (which honestly is the majority of the day), you'll soon be even more tired than you already were.

Or maybe you just came back from a safari or relaxing holiday at the coast and the contrast is just too big. You really don’t want to lose your tranquil vibe immediately. Either way, the feeling of wanting to take a break from the chaos is all too familiar for anyone that’s ever spent some time going around in Nairobi.

If you ever want to get away from it all, without traveling far out, massage therapy or a spa treatment in one of Kenya’s best spas is exactly what you need.

Most massage parlors are part of a spa and those, in turn, are usually located in Nairobi’s 4 and 5-star hotels. Both the spa and massage services are offered to anyone, you don’t have to be a hotel guest, though not having to find your way home after your treatment could add that extra relaxation you’re looking for.

On a side note, the fact that spas are located mainly in hotels doesn’t mean you will run into tourists only. A day of pampering and being taken care of is also popular among Kenyans looking for a break from the daily grind.

Massage spas and “massage” parlors in Nairobi

Almost every good hotel in Nairobi offers some type of spa treatment. Here I’ve listed the top-rated and best-reviewed places, particularly for massages, but of course, there are many more parlors around. Most shopping malls have one or a few and you’ll undoubtedly see them while driving around the city.

These are usually cheaper options, but keep in mind that finding a good one can be a bit daunting. Make sure the staff is properly trained and definitely make sure that there are no misunderstandings about what you’ll get when you ask for a “massage”. That could be an awkward situation.

Massage places in Westlands, Nairobi

  • Kempinski The Spa

    The spa at Hotel Villa Rosa Kempinski on Chiromo Road in Westlands is definitely one of the most luxurious spas in Nairobi. They offer Thai massages, hot stone massages, couples massages, aromatherapy, and more.

    Prices at Kempinski’s start at $70 for 50 minutes. Reach them at +254 703 049 000.
Massage tables at Kempinski The Spa Nairobi
Photo by Kempinski The Spa
  • Saffron Day Spa & Salon

    At Saffron Day Spa they offer a variety of massages, including deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, hot stone, and pregnancy massages. They also have various spa treatment packages and couples packages.

    Prices start from $40 an hour. They are located on Muthangari Drive in Westlands. Contact them at +254796409064.
Saffron Day Spa & Salon Nairobi
Photo by Saffron Day Spa & Salon
  • Aromatics Spa

    Aromatics Spa offers a blend of therapies from the East and West. You can get just a massage, or get a full spa package that includes a massage.

    Prices start at $60. They are located at 101 Manyani East Road, Lavington. You can reach them at one of the following numbers: 0722425905, 0734892474, 0772778183, 0735901029.
Aromatics Spa Nairobi
Photo by Aromatics Spa
  • Deverana Spa

    With branches all over the world, Deverana Spa is one of the most luxurious spas in Nairobi, located at 14 Riverside Drive in Westlands. Their signature massage is a mixture of Thai massage with Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques and more.

    As a Thai inspired spa chain, they also offer great Thai massages and various spa packages including all types of massages.

    Prices start at $70. They can be reached at +254 204 233 444.
Deverana Spa Nairobi
Photo by Deverana Spa
  • Revitalize Wellness Center

    As the 2019/2020 winner of the Luxury Spa & Wellness Center Award in Africa, Revitalize Wellness Center is one of the most luxurious spa chains in Nairobi. They offer complete spa treatment packages and massages only.

    They have branches in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Upperhill (+ 254 719 889 999), New Muthaiga along Thigiri Ridge (+254 721 889 777), the Movenpick Hotel & Residences in Westlands (+254 703 333 999) and soon also at Pullman Hotel in Westlands.

    Prices start at $75 for 90 minutes.

Revitalize Wellness Center Nairobi
Photo by Revitalize Wellness Center

Massage places in Gigiri, Kitisuru, and Muthaiga

  • Serenity Spa

    With 2 locations, one in Gigiri and one in Kitisuru, Serenity Spa offers many different types of massages, including full-body massages, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, sports massages, and hot stone massages. They also offer various spa packages.

    Prices vary around $50 an hour. Reach the Gigiri branch at +254 708 20 20 20 and Kitusuru at +254 714 931 317.
Serenity Spa Nairobi
Photo by Serenity Spa
  • Kaya Spa

    Kaya Spa is located at the luxurious Tribe Hotel in Village Market, Gigiri. They offer a variety of packages and massages, including hot stone, Thai massage and aromatherapy. They also offer specialized pre and post-natal treatments.

    Prices start at $50 for an hour. Book through +254 20 720 0000 or 0732 186 000.
Kaya Spa Nairobi
Photo by Kaya Spa
  • Bustani Day Spa

    Bustani offers many spa packages and massages, including full-body massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue, and sports massage, even a treatment they call jet-lag therapy, to combat fatigue.

    Prices start at $40. They’re located on UN Crescent Road House 50, on Gigiri Court, and can be reached on +254 710 451 713 or +254 710 458 564.
Bustani Day Spa Nairobi
Photo by Bustani Day Spa

Massage places in Ngong Road and Karen

  • Nothing Like It Spa

    Nothing Like It has 2 locations in Karen and offers masses like deep tissue, hot stone, holistic, and reflexology. They even offer a Hangover Cure massage, if you’ve overestimated yourself in the Nairobi party scene.

    Prices are around $40-50.
    Call the Karen Shopping Center branch at 0721834577 or 0734860775, and the Hardy Provision Stores location at 0726543977 or 0737599695.
Nothing Like It Spa Nairobi
Photo by Nothing Like It Spa
  • Entim Sidai

    Set on a big, forested property, Entim Sidai is a wonderful sanctuary in Rura Drive, off Tree Lane in Karen. In the Maasai language, “Entim Sidai” means “Beautiful Forest”.

    They won Destination Retreat Programme 2019 in the Africa Spa Awards and offer a wide variety of massages and treatment packages, including a nature walk and couples treatments.

    Prices start from $70 for an hour and they can be reached on 0774 266 143, 0725021469, and 0737198414.
Entim Sidai Nairobi
Photo by Entim Sidai
  • Hemingways

    Hemingways Nairobi is an exclusive 5-star luxury boutique hotel located in Karen. Their spa offers various massages, like hot-stone, Thai, Swedish, and full-body massage.

    Prices start at $60 per hour. Reach them at +254 711 032000
Hemingways Nairobi
Photo by Hemingways
  • Healthland Spa

    At Healthland Spa they offer massages and various spa packages that include massages, including but not limited to deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, sports massages, hot stone massages, and four hands massages. They also have a jacuzzi.

    Prices are around $40-50. They are located on Kabernet Road, off Ngong Road and you can contact them on 0722-763477, 0733-903010, or 0720-246527.
Healthland Spa Nairobi
Photo by Healthland Spa
  • Dojo Wellness Club

    This facility is geared towards sports massages, but they also offer other types, like hot stone, deep tissue, Shiatsu, and pregnancy massages.

    Call 0742 834 747 for an appointment or pass by at 320 Ngong Road in Karen.

Dojo Wellness Club Nairobi
Photo by Dojo Wellness Club
  • CrossFit Kwetu

    If you’re into sports and suffer from injuries or just want to recover quickly after a heavy workout, a sports massage at CrossFit Kwetu can help you out.

    They’re located on Gigiri Lane and can be reached through +254 701 748786 or +254 740 969669.

Chinese massage in Nairobi

Although the most popular massage techniques are offered at the various spas, some Asian style massages other than Thai are harder to find. For a Chinese massage, you’ll have to dive into “Chinatown”. This area is roughly located from Kilimani to Kileleshwa, and along Hurlingham and Ngong road.

Mobile massage in Nairobi

If you want to feel relaxed but your budget doesn’t stretch that far, try a mobile massage service from the comfort of your own home. These are much more affordable than visiting a spa.

Through Lynk Kenya, you can order a massage from a well-reviewed masseuse.

There are more services offering mobile massages, but again, make sure there are no misunderstandings about the type of “massage” you want to get!

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